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Best gaming headset? no mic needed

I am looking for a very good pair of gaming headset, especially FPS games like BF1/4, sometimes i do play some witcher and fallout.
I already own the HD6XX but i want to get a headphone pair just for gaming.
I know that PC37X are nice, but i do not need the mic since i have AT2020 XLR. should i still buy these? i also think about DT770/880/990, or maybe M50X? i realy don't know which one, but nothing too expensive, lets say 150+- price range.

If you already have a mic, don't get a headset. Quality headphones are the way to go
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I have no opinion on them because I have never seen them or heard them. My friend who owns countless headphones loves them though.
I've heard their soundstage is great, and since the highs are very good too, you can hear footsteps pretty easy. Thanks for the info.
The Audio Technica AD700x is apparently a very solid solution for gaming vs. a headset according to reviews and such. It's a bass-light headset good for pinpointing positioning and the like. Just repeating reviews, never owned them. The best set of headphones I've ever personally had for gaming were my Sennheiser 598's pair with downloading Razer Surround for virtual surround but they aren't very durable if you're much of an angry gamer. :P So let's just say I don't have them anymore.
haha, you just broke them eh But what do you think about lets say, Beyerdynamic's DT880 600ohms? Will AD-700x be better? i also saw AD-900x for extremely low price on ebay (brand new, discounted)
I'm not a headphone junkie by any means as of yet. I have only tried Sennheiser HD598, Audio Technical WS99 (Bass headphone closed back), Audio Technica WS1100i (Bass headphone, semi-open), and HyperX Cloud II's. Out of these the 598's were best likely just due to being open. Competitive gaming cares more about soundstage, seperation, and good high end.
AD900X, according to Youtube, Youtube comments and other shit apparently don't sound that much different than the AD700x. Should also be a good option.