Fostex TH-909

So, for soooooo long I've wanted the TH-900 MK2, then they launched a "semi open" version of it, but of course more bling $$$ 1,600. I just can't keep up it seems. Reviews are very mixed, point of contention being widely held train of opinion, one of the most amp sensitive cans out there, especially being that there doesn't seem to be any logical correlation as to why they sound awesome on a $100amp, but can sound horrific on a $2k amp. I have confidence in Fostexs ability to correct this issue, just not under it's name, but perhaps in a collaboration with Mass-Drop. So, can anyone offer any kind of look into the magic ball as to whether something like this might be on the horizon with Mass-Drop ? I mean - the TH-900 MKII are legendary, and for Fostex to come out with a semi-open version of it, must be e ough of a "bait on the hook" enticement for fans to be drooling for a "corrected" version of it, especially when considering amp uncertainty. Reviewers just seem to say, you've gotta keep experimenting with boxes full of apps to find what works for you....You've gotta be kidding me, after sinking nearly $2K into a set of cans, which but the most wealthy has the cash or patience to start buying apps by the pound to find a suitable match....What a big let down. Can't someone at Mass-Drop make a few calls to thier Fostex contacts, and see if a collaboration to come up with a corrected version of what should of been a w I ldely successful new flagship product, that turned out to be such a disaster, and right the matter ? Surely there's gotta be potential for Mass-Drop to make a killing on something like this. Lastly, if not...What would be your vote for a semi-open version of the TH-900 MKII, that is most closely related to what the TH-909 should have been, but obviously turned out to be a massive flop. I mean, I just dont know how such a wildly respected legendary company like Fostex, could have released a platnum priced new flagship, that turned out to be such a disaster, when they're asking this kind of money...I mean how could of they so royally screwed up?...Mass-Drop to the rescue please,please,please

Feb 6, 2020
Man you come too late.You have more fun with Tr x00 models who Drop have sell it. Was the most sell after the Sennheiser but drop have discontinue it,maybe is the reason your Mr.President with his stupid tax from china.So it is not atractive for Fostex and drop when the Tax is over the Price.