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Schiit Jotunheim + Sennheiser Game One

TLDR; I'm currently looking at the Schiit Jotunheim (W/ the DAC) to use with my Game One's. How do I plug in the microphone portion of the headset? Would it require a Y adapter or something of that nature?
Essentially I would like a great sound stage with good music capabilities as well.
I'm currently using them for games like PUBG and Fortnite. As far as music goes, I generally listen to EDM/Punk/Rap.
Does anybody have any input on how the Jotunheim may perform? The one concern I do have with the Jotunheim - How do I plug in the microphone portion of the headset? From the looks of it, I assume I need a Y splitter or something of that nature, but I just wanted to be positive. I'm still learning when it comes to audio.

Thanks for the help and feedback! :)

You don't need an amp for the game one. It's a waste of money (especially to go all out on a Jotunheim) as there won't be a large difference with those headphones
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Unless you know you are upgrading your headphones soon the jot is still overkill. A fulla 2 will sound similar to a jot on your headphones and can still work as a preamp for your speakers. If you want a bit more I'd just go for a schiit stack (once again with your headphones wouldn't sound very different and can still work as a preamp and will work with most harder to drive headphones as well). You'd be better off getting that and an akg k712 with a desk mic/modmic than the jot if you want better soundstage as that is mostly a property of the headphones and the amp has a more minor effect.
Ahh okay I understand. Sweet, thanks for the input. :) I'll gonna take a look at the Fulla 2 and Stack.
Hi there
You will need to split the cable yes the headphones go into the amp and the mic into the computer its the only way really. I am sure the Jot will do great its a well regarded amp so I would see no problem with it sound quality wise.