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Bluetooth in-ear headphones?

What are you guys using out there and what do you value most w/ them?

For me, I'm debating buying or perhaps holding out for another year....
I think the most important things to consider are:
-->Connectivity; range
-->Battery Life
-->Sound Quality
-->Durability (sweat/water resistance is included here)

So, from there it goes to separate ear buds or earbuds connected w/ a wire. Which falls to personal preference.

At the moment I'm leaning towards the Bose Soundsport. Which are going for $129, 6 hours.


However, it seems the Beats X is somewhat decent as well (using an apple chip). $109, 8 hours w/ fast charging.

and I suppose the other option is JayBird. Whom I've never heard of.

Anyhow, what are you thoughts on these and similar in-ear headphones?

Jan 18, 2018
I was literally just about to make a post about bluetooth IEMs and sure enough it's here. I need similar answers, and I'm ready to cut the cords. I'm tired of tangles. I've heard great things about the Soundsport, but need a few more opinions to put me over the edge.
Jan 18, 2018
DuncanIf it helps I ended up buying the Bose Sound Sport. My biggest worry was the battery life........ However, I haven't had major issues at the moment. From empty to full charge apparently takes an hour or so........ Although, I've never emptied it out.
It sounds about the same as any other Bose Sound Sport. It sounds like the Beats aren't very good in that regard.
It's winter where I live and I have a walk from the commuter lot everyday. Which is where the shortcomings become more evident. The connection becomes spotty as I'm walking if I leave my s7 in my pant pocket (I'm 6'3") but w/out incident in my coat pocket. I suspect this has to do w/ the fact that the phone is moving as I'm walking.
Furthermore, the battery is housed in the earbuds...... which means they stick out. This isn't problematic in regards to weight or feel. However, if you like to wear a stocking cap that covers your ears...... Well, it takes some adjustment, but alright afterwards.
Now the connection: If the source is moving (in this case my phone) it affects the connection. However, movement by the earbuds seem non-consequential. Furthermore, it can go a fair distance..... but walls tend to affect it as do other Bluetooth sources at farther distances. The CNET review said it was problematic in parts of Manhattan as well.
So, I would buy again........ but I own a larger number of Bose products and have an obvious bias.

BEFORE you buy though, just so you know I saw that Target carries similar style Bluetooth headphones for $10 w/ 4 hours of battery life. No they probably aren't elite but in case you want to try the concept before buying.
Jan 18, 2018
SpiritOneSolid advice. Fortunately, I don't have to deal with winter much anymore (am from Winnipeg), but appreciate the points anyway. Definitely need to just try some of these out.
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