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Anyone else wanting the solid titanium Zippo to be remade?

From what I could find, the model 110 Solid Titanium Zippo was part of their "Pure" and "Precious Metals" line-up from 2001 to 2006, and at the time, retailed for around $100 (think the price of Ti has come down since then, though Chinese outer sleeve replicas still sell for around $120).
Would love to just buy an original from that period, but due to it now being a collectible, they rarely go up for sale, and even used ones seem to sell for at least a few hundred dollars. At the time they were available, I don't recall ever hearing about them.
Was just wondering if this is something others here were interested in, and if so, would it be something that Massdrop could maybe sway Zippo into remaking? I asked Zippo's customer relations if they could possibly suggest reintroducing it in the future (now that Ti has grown in popularity vs 17 years ago), but only got "at this time, we are not aware of this lighter being produced again." Personally think this would slot in nicely under their $12k solid gold (lol!) and $180 pure sterling models (would probably only be worth $60 imo, but I'm sure some of us would probably still pay double that, given the few alternatives out there).
Would really prefer they made a new solid Ti Zippo Slim (would make a nice alternative to the tiny Ti peanut lighters out there), but would be happy with either Slim or Regular, or both. Dunno.. maybe it's just my OCD compelling me to find a nice Ti lighter to match my Ti watches, knives, flashlights, belt buckles, etc.. =/

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Yes! These came and went before I got the chance. EDC hardware like this lasts forever, and that's exactly what I need.
Thunderbird is too tight; at least it is in the one I bought.
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I now cannot remove the Thunderbird insert. Going to have to drill the insert to get a grip on it to remove it.
Lighter fluid can act like an oil. Either that or penetrating oil will get stuck components out easier than damaging it with a drill.
I wrote to them and they said no plans (and no old stock). I ended buying an untouched, mint condition (complete with orange sticker attached) one but it cost me an arm and a leg.
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I did get one of those all Ti models from Chine which holds a Zippo internal - believe it or not - it's fantastic! It's my daily driver and I have resolved to place the Zippo Ti in my safe. The Chinese ones are worth the money (I think I paid about $350) and it's cheaper than the Zippo...
Thanks for the feedback on the knock-off Ti Zippos. If I end up going with one of those and a Thunderbird Vector butane insert, I guess it will be good enough. I also really like those other 'steampunk' non-Zippo style petrol lighters on that same page. If I could justify spending $800 on a genuine Ti Zippo though, I'd absolutely use the damn thing.. collector's value be damned! =D
I am waiting for this! Sign me up!!!
I'll let you know if Zippo ever gets off their duff and puts these back into production!
Yes please I’ve look everywhere and nothing...
If it was made well and not just speedily produced for moneys (not that I think it would go down like that) I would be down to drop some money for one.