Selling Bose headphones

I was wondering if I should sell my Bose qc35 after I get them fixed or keep them. I really like them but I think I could sell them and get a pair of headphones that just sound better.

Apr 1, 2020
The Bose 35’s are great NC cans for travel and now home quarantine when the “others” become just too much... I recently tried IEM’s on a long flight, isolation and SQ is great, comfort not so much for hours & hours. Over-ear cans beat IEM’s in comfort long term, unless custom maybe; no experience with custom just reviews... keep the 35’s unless you need the $, though more of a value to keep. What is your budget for moving up in headphones? You really want to look at a setup, if you are now plugging into a pc and/or phone.
Different headphones have different uses. Noise canceling might help at work, on the bus, at night. A headphone might sound better. But then you might need a DAC and amp. And the headphones might be open-back, so the noise will leak and disturb others