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Eight $100 Closed Back Headphone Shoot Out


Here's my play list
My thought process for this was to keep it as authentic as possible, so for that I choose to use Spotify 320CBR, I'll also be doing all of my listening with my LG V20 [using the AUX trick] AND with my Shanling M2s. No crazy tubes, or portables just my cell and a in expensive dap with some good ole Lossy files via a free streaming service!
An of course the headphones! I have;
  • Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro
  • Beyerdynamic Custom Street
  • KRK KNS 6400
  • Audio Technica ATH M40X
  • Sony MDR V6
  • Sennhesier HD 280
  • DD Audio DXB 04
  • Mass Drop x EMU Purple Heart
As of this moment, I have NOT finished this comparison, it is still a work in progress so I'm hoping to get some good feed back from you guys to figure out what's important! I will be making a video for this comparison featured on my channel, and once I have a winner I'll make another post for that. Non the less I am happy to say that so far the Massdrop X E-MU Purpleheart is my favorite!!!
And each of these I purchased my self so no review samples! So to help me PLEASE ask any questions you have about any of these 8, I'm here to answer how they compare to one another, in the future I'll do some higher priced options
Now why I'm doing this is may be relevant,
I personally started out in the $100 bracket back in 2012, that was my HARD Limit and I did NOT have anything, just a CD player and my computer. So yea now I've got amps and headphones worth thousands of dollars, but I still like to have something really inexpensive for when I'm travelling or as an end of the world back up! Plus as a reviewer my self I want to be able to connect with both audiences, those of you ready to drop a grand and $15 a month for Tidal AND those of you with a hard limit of cash, and I want to be able to recommend the best product FOR YOUR budget and your situation.
Now once I finish my review I will post my findings again here on this thread, so for now your welcome to shout out any questions you have or what you'd like to see from me on this review!
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Can you elaborate a little on the sound difference of the e-mu and m40?
Your missing the Phillips SHP 9500. That headphone is significant in the sub-100 range.
it's not a closed back, I'll be doing an open back comparison soon
My vote goes for the HD280
And the M40X can go in the trash, with their awful pads, and awful clamp force.
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At least the clamp force for the HD280 was manageable, I just clamped them over their own box for a about a week and they were fine (I use them as my airplane cans, modded with a 3.5mm jack so I can use vmoda angled audio cables with them.)
But the overall construction quality is solid - despite the headband being a snap-in-place-pleather afair, I was able to comfortably wear them for most of a 4-hour plane trip, as well as daily for several hours at my hotel.
Well I have a lopsided head and a strong neck so clamp and "heavy" are two factors that never bothered me, neat that you modded it to have a modular cable! It's big long cable was another reason I wasn't crazy about it
Just a heads up! I'm giving away the ATH M40X and I'll be hosting a review soon for all 8 of these including the E-MU Purpleheart! If you'd like a chance to win the ATH M40X please check out the details here
Very helpful for the newbies (and the budget friendly :)).

So in conclusion, overall the best headphone was the ATH M40X, how ever the best sounding headphone was indeed the Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart!
The only reason it didn't win overall was the some what paltry build quality, while it's a lot lighter than the M40X it's also not as robust.