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Hey all, I've only fairly recently been exposed to the wonderful world of mech keys; currently I have an inexpensive keyboard purchased off Amazon with Ducky shine-through PBT keycaps (as well as a couple spare keycap sets to change out to :P) I am a designer, and what I think was a huge draw for me getting into mech keys was the amazing mechanical/industrial design innovation that has gone into making keyboards user-friendly and so user-customisable.
I am a tinkerer, and as such, ever since I first heard about mechanical keyboards I've been interested in designing my own keycaps - not just in terms of layout and colour, but completely from the ground-up. I know that this is not necessarily the most cost-effective way to go about things, but I am naturally just very curious and love to take on new challenging projects, so making an entire keyboard essentially from scratch is something I'd like to do at some point; the keycaps are just the aspect I'd like to tackle first (I have CAD/CAM skills and am finishing design school so I am fairly confident that I can do the case design and soldering etc.).
I have a couple ideas about manufacturing methods, but the one thing that I see as the biggest challenge is the stems, and getting a perfect fit. I could take an existing keycap and work off a silicone mould of it, but I am also entertaining the possiblity of downloading CAD models of the stem or purchasing some kind of pre-made mould of just the stem profile.
Does anyone have experience DIY-ing keycaps and know good resources to look to as far as parts I could buy to work off of of can just offer me advice? Anything would be appreciated - although I've learned so much about mechanical keyboards I'm sure a lot of you have more expertise on the subject!
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