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Headphones or 5.1 speakers for gaming?

Title says it all. I mainly play FPS ( Doom, ArmA 3) so are speakers worth it for the directional stuff? or do headphones do the job?
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The fundamental difference between speakers and headphones is the way in which the soundfield is presented. With speakers, if you turn your head to one side, look behind you, etc., then the soundfield will change because the position of your ears has changed. With headphones, the soundfield is consistent, even if you turn your head etc. Heck, with wireless headphones (or a long enough cord) you can go to the kitchen ( or the bathroom) but the soundfield will still place you in the thick of things.
One secondary consideration is that, for the same amount of money, you can get much better sound quality from a pair of headphones than you can from speakers, because for the latter you will need at least 5 speakers plus a subwoofer. For example, $500 will get you a much better quality headphone than speakers.
Headphones will certainly give you a 3 dimensional immersive soundfield though so you do not need speakers "for the directional stuff" because you will get that in the headphones. So for the question you asked, yes, headphones will do the job you want them to do when it comes to playing FPS.
This answer isn't very audiophile of me i know and i'lll probably get some h8 but. Headphones with dolby virtual surround has given me great results in games.
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Think were talking about two different products. I'm referring to the B&O H80s which retails for like ~$500.
I wasn't talking about any specific products. I was saying any desired pair of headphones + (preferably dolby) virtual surround gives good results in games from my experience. Not neccesarily realistic, but easy to recognise where the sound is coming from.
Well, I really don't want to annoy my family with game sounds. Also I can't afford 6 good speakers, receiver and all... Not to mention a whole room worth of space just dor gaming :) so 100% headphones.
Nothing compares to speakers......I never reached for any pair of headphones I owned while gaming. If you have the ability to use speakers, use speakers.
This is one arena where a console/HTPC comes in handy as I get to use them with my full rig. I would have to say that a full 5.1 ( or 5.2 in my case) does a slightly better job than any headphone I've got (28 pairs and counting...). Still love headphones for gaming but can't beat 6 or more separate speakers for accurate positional cues.
Audio-Technica AD 700 (AD700x now I guess, looks like they discontinued the OG).
Still have these, my first babies. So comfy.
AFAIK AD700x is slightly different than AD700. Why would they change the name for no reason :)
I think it completely depends on your situation as far as room size and roommates/neighbors, but a good pair of headphones has been great for me. They've been really good about recreating a 3d space as far as sound goes.
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I am by no means an audio expert, but I really like them. Super light so I barely notice them. No ear squish discomfort. Band is strong enough to keep secure but not give me the usual pressure point fatigue. Sound is great for what I listen to and gaming. When are yours expected? Always like seeing people first impressions
I ordered the TH-X00 Purpleheart Headphones. So soon I hope.
Don't forget to include your spouse especially if they're not gamers.
I dont have one so not a problem lol
Hi , clearly depend on what you want. Good headphones can absolutely do the job, but if you can afford a good 5.1 system and plug it to your computer trough Optical. This would be more immersive, and suitable for other use than gaming only. But keep in mind that you can't use a mic when using a 5.1 system.
Is there no way I could get a mic with speakers? Because that would be a killer if so.
You can use a USB / BT Mic as long as you have the separate drivers outside of your sound card. Or own a Xonar Xense or similar you can run 1/4" mics. I'd just stick with the USB/BT Mic setup. Enjoy