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Pulse SA - Round 3


Rudebuoy, jvon, and 101 others

When will round 4 come out?
Really hate I missed out on this drop... Sure you don't want to take my money???
So beautiful. This is pure art.
Just decided to check out mechs again after a 2yr break. Missed this by days. Nothing matters anymore, life is only suffering.
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I'm at the service of everyone my buddy, you're beautiful, special and loved.

Well in that case, you wouldn't happen to have any left over alphas and text mods would you? ;) Just kidding, I'll have to wait and see if there's ever a round 4.
It's live. Went live the day you posted, lol.
Aww why aren't black arrows part of the arrow kit?
Because they are part of the Noire kit, and the Noire design has small arrows only.
Aha. Also I just noticed you put out the prices - thank you! Although why are the Zambs still over $50 even if 1000 units are ordered? Is that a typo?
TWO MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That good old keycap!
Do you know how long I've been looking for a 1.5u escape key!?? I need this NOW! Give this to me NOW!!!
Stoked for this. Thank you for including a specific arrows set. I'm one of those people who loves text modifiers for everything EXCEPT arrows. Too many sets will make you buy the entire icon modifiers set just to get the arrows.
Any chance at a 6u spacebar or alternative? Going for an HHKB style board.
@MiTo any chance for 1u backspace in mitolet/noir set?
Is there a ballpark estimate on how much a set will cost?
Any chance we could get the Spacebar packs to be by color instead of by size? I want both the 6.25U and the 7U in teal, but not black. Not sure if that makes sense, though.
no chance of an ALPS mount one i guess.. : (
Sadly not, no tooling for that.
@MiTo i noticed a couple of guys mentioned Ortho for the Mitolet kit. I think this would be nice but not exactly like they were suggesting. I think it would look better with more contrast as a purple with blue font Ortho kit would be too much purple.
I am suggesting you make a Ortho kit with the cap color being blue and font being purple. If this kit was added i would for sure buy the Mitolet base as well. If anyone else agrees please comment!
@MiTo I had requested this on the IC when you posted on Reddit, Can you add a Row 1 "=" key to the numpad kit?
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You're the best!
Quick question about the numpad. The 2u keycaps for enter and + are in the r3 profile? Same with the 2u 0 keycaps in the zambs set?
Sure is my friend!
awesome! I'll be able to fill up the ergodox kit with the +, o and enter keys :)
let's have the drop page up!
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This drop is a guaranteed success
I won't lie. Seeing this keyset on r/mk is the reason I pulled the trigger on building my own keeb. So happy i'll finaly be able to buy them. So excited.
still hoping its going to drop next week!
Fantastic work, as usual!
I was wondering if you can make a Mitolet Ortholinear Mods kit? It looks like it would be hard to match the right legends and profile using the normal Ortho kits.
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Oh, I wasn't saying it was a bad thing! I know you're really busy and I was just really eager to work with someone on your level. No bad feelings for you in any way. Keep working on the amazing stuff you're doing!
No exotic kit icon mod? I love to use the icon set on minila.
Any rough ETA on when this will drop? In the following weeks or are we looking at Q3/4?
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I need gmk laser in my life. im sad i missed it.
It'll be back one day. In the mean time check r/mm when it's out in May/June and watch for recap sales on MD.
This set makes me wish that Massdrop had a built in "Keyboard Layout Configurator" tool. You could pick various common keyboard layouts from a drop down menu (Full, TKL, 60%, 40%, etc) and then plug in each kit to graphically see which keys get applied, which don't, with remainder keys off to the side. Though, I realize this would be more work for the creator, as you'd have to configure each key to a config template to graphically be represented on a image map... but when you get to such massive and comprehensive sets like this, it would be helpful to visualize all the potential configurations.
Just a rambling thought. Carry on!
really great idea actually!
@MiTo Anychance of a noire ISO enter?
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Need Noire ISO kit and Full Noire numpad would be wonderful!
Aye, I'm looking for this as well
Any chance of adding non-homing F and J keys to the Mitolet set? Layouts like dvorak would be supported (without homing keys in weird places...) that way for the addition of only two keys! Either way I'm going balls deep on this one, much like the Laser set. Very much hyped for this!
@MiTo Pls pls pls
@MiTo Any chance for Function and/or Control for Caps Lock replacement in Noire? All these M60/Tokyo60s need em '!
I’d be interested in an OrthoNoire set. Mitocons or not. Any chance that would happen?
@MiTo can you add 1U backspace R2 ? in mitolet set?