Mar 14, 201876 views

bad delivery

if you are ordering something and expect it to get to you in timely fashion think not so i ordered a pair of the akg 7xx's and after being told 2-3 days till it ships and 5-10 till delivered. i was happy i would get my headphones within 2 weeks. was i wrong .

My package was shipped out the 27th so i thought 5-10 days till it got here,i thought about tracking the shipment and now it hasn't updated since last tuesday...... this international shipping is a joke why even offer it. just a warning to the fellow canucks if you expect it to be timely don't it will just be left at the same place for over a week .

Ah, thats nothing. When you want Massdrop to ship something to EU, you will have to wait at least a month to get it or it just wont arrive at all (was rufunded though).