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Does Massdrop do microphones?

I am currently in the market for a studio mic around 50$ and was wondering before I buy a Samson meteor if Massdrop does microphone drops as that would greatly help me in my search. Any help would be appreciated as i am also open to suggestions if there are other microphones i should look at for my price range
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Mar 19, 2018
Microphones do show up from time to time. Not sure I've seen a Samson Meteor on here, but CAD mics show up a fair bit.
The $50 price tag is going to limit your choices. If you're looking at USB mics like the Samson Meteor, others I'd suggest taking a look at include the Audio Technica AT2020 USB (about $100 new or $70 used), the Rode NT USB (about $160 new, not sure about used), and of course the offerings from Blue (range from around $50 to $150, depending).
All that aside, can I ask what you're planning to use the microphone for? Different mics are really suited for different purposes, and even inside the range of vocal mics, different mics will flatter different voices. It's best if you have the chance to try out a range of microphones in your price range to see which one works best for you and what you want to do with it.
On the off chance you're looking for a voice mic and you're close to a baritone, Mike Delgaudio did a nice comparison between the Samson Meteor and the Blue Yeti: It'll at least let you hear what the two sound like on HIS voice. For what it's worth, I think Mike has tested the AT2020 USB and may have tested the Rode NT USB. Provided your voice is reasonably close to his, his Youtube channel is a good resource.
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