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Bose QC35

anyone else agree that Bose QC35s would be amazing on massdrop?
hprszk, Jannis Gio, and 23 others

I've been looking for a noise cancelling BT headphone for my commute for a long time, tried a few but none was good + comfy, until I tried the QC35! It has the best sound quality with NC on, super comfy and battery life is great, too! Wear it everyday on BART now!
I love the QC 35 , but they arevexpensive. The stock price of over 300euros is a good price for this quality, but if they would cost something less i would buy them as soon as possible!!!
Perhaps a poll is in order!?
I'm not a fan of Bose as I've found them to be about as good of a deal for the money as Beats in terms of build and sound quality, but I hear good things about the QC35 although I've never given it a listen. I doubt I'd spring for it, but for those who would, a poll rather than a "talk" is probably where you want to go.
I would join that drop instantly