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Audio Technica Ath M70x easy to break

I have 2 M70X, great transparent and accurate sound, easy to drive, not expensive for the sound. But they each broke after a year of regular moderate use. Actually after my first one broke after 1 year, i bought the second one hoping with a more careful use it will not break so easily.

I called the service centre in Singapore, the repair cost is half of the selling price. As they do not sell the smal plastic join that broke, but I have to replace the whole bridge between the 2 speakers.
So if you have a M70X, better add some reinforce resin. But expect the life to be 2 years max.
If Massdrop could source the small plastic join piece I will be the first to buy. After all it's a big waste for a pair of perfectly sounding headphones.
Hope audio technical cud see this post!

i have one M70X too. same problem. After gluing the broken part, use Sugru to strengthen it further. It works for me. It has been one year now and it is still ok
oh man. That is terrible ! shame on them for the build quality. I will just leave this here for you guys to try. I know I know... it is hard to believe but this is something that worked for me in the past with similar problems
My m70x broke I’m fucking annoyed I had them a bit over a year I never dropped them in my life they broke exactly where everyone else’s broke they are good quality headphones but I ain’t buying these shits again bruv
Heard this from many others as well... Strange though, at its price point it shouldn't be that flawed. Even the old M50x is way tougher
Exact same problem, super frustrating that such a small thing can break the whole piece. Anyone who has fixed it by themselves yet?
The other one i have that broje, i moved them to m40x head bridge



Gluing using the glue for copper pipe
Class action, I'm in Canada. Where is everyone else located?
Am in Singapore, lived in Montreal for 7 years, studying.. Just use m40x head bridge to replace your broken m70x bridge... Shorten the wiring path in the process which will improve the sound, esp bass
Yes, exactly the same problem here. I feel this is a serious design flaw in what are not a cheap pair of headphones. Unable to glue back, unfortunately.
I used my m40x headbridge to replace, much cheaper then the original. Also a bit lighter. In the process I replace the left to right cable, just partially with 4n 99.99% silver single core cable. It was 0.2 ohm between L R. It went down to about 0.12. Also solder the ear speaker cable nearer , but not to near to melt the coil output. Tiny cable, to the coil terminal instead of going thru the printed circuit traces. Better sound overall
Mine also broke in 1 year and 2 months. This is frustrating. There is really no reliable way of gluing it back.
Update: I hv repaired my m70x by moving the 2 speakers boxes yo my m40x head band. It fit nicely and the whole thing is lighter, more comfortable to wear. We need to open the pad on the 70x, there are 6 hooks on each side fastening a pieace of hard plastic on the ear pad side. Pull the headpad out carfully. In the process try to push it back also, just as a practice. Because installing the pad back is not very easy. Need to align the pad to match the hook to the holes, then press from the head pad. Sometime need to press a bit hard. When the pad is removed, we can open 4 screws to remove the driver panel. Inside has anotger 3 or 4 screws to open the back. Once yhe back is open, the whole speaker box cud be removed from the handle of the head band. Of coure we need to do soldering. I shortern the cables inside, that improve the bass.
I have the exact same problem man.
Its a major over sight form Audio-technica.
Have you figured out how to fix it with out glue yet ?
I have tried many glues but all didn't work. Including super glue with baking powder. There is a no name industrial resin, for insulating electricity connection out door. It worked for a few weeks, then the join broke again. The resin is very strong by it self. I guess I didn't make the outer surface rough enough to make it stick to the outer surface of the small plastic. Gluing the joining line will not be sufficient. It must be reinforced from both upper and lower side of the plastic piece. I will try another type of a strong resin glue. Will post it here if it works. Meanwhile i bought another M70x, but as a precaution, i put the strong resin glue on the lower side of the plastic piece to hopefully reinforce it for a longer life span. The resin glue I used to reinforce, and will try on the broken piece, is PC products PC.7, the strongest according to my local hardware store. Don't waste time on Hankel or other products..
I tried to glue them back using all kind of glue and resin, no luck so far.