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Am I the only one?

During the current crisis, with a lot of programs broadcasting from people's homes, I find myself peering at the screen trying to identify what various people are using to monitor. Some headphones are fairly easy to identify while others are more difficult mainly due to the predominantly face forward frontal shots. I've seen a lot of Air Pods, some Beats, a couple of Master & Dynamics, some AKG's & various others. I've even seen some people use some that looked like they either came with their phone or from the corner store! Anyway, it's interesting to see who's a possible audiophile or at least cares about their music & sound reproduction & who could really care less. I can't be the only one with a problem who is doing this. Can I????
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Apr 25, 2020
It looks like they have studio quality, at the studio, but back home when the buying decision becomes theirs, wins go to marketing prowess, not SQ... There are exceptions, someone just snagged Walter Becker’s amp(s), wonder what the rest looked like:

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