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Need some guidance

My daughter has an ACER Aspire V5-57 Laptop. A number of the keys have fallen off and we, technician included, have had no luck with finding replacement keys or replacement keyboard that will fit/work with the laptop. I keep seeing all kinds of keys on offer, and wondering if anyone knows which would provide a solution. Many thanks.

Apr 6, 2018
Unfortunately you're not going to find any replacement keys for it here. Integrated laptop keyboards are built differently than the mechanical keyboards you're seeing in this section, and the keycaps that you'll find here won't work on them.
Replacement laptop keyboards aren't hard to come by provided you know the full model number of the PC and what to look for when shopping for one, although depending on the laptop they can be difficult to replace, so I'd probably recommend having a tech do it. I did a quick cursory search and found this board, which might work for your daughter's laptop, but like I mentioned you'd need to compare the full model number and serial number to make sure it would be compatible with the PC in question:
Good luck with your search :)
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