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Sennheiser wireless headset

I think there's a big gap in the market at the moment for a quality wireless headset. I was looking for one for a couple of weeks and ended up getting a Logitech G933. The sound is far from being great and the headset is not that comfortable. I saw other headsets that were closed but I wanted open ones. Anyone else would love a wireless headset by Sennheiser ?
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bump for a good answer.
Steelseries Pro Wireless with receiver? I have it and i am not impressed with the sound. They are also kind of small.
in fact i ordered the wired dac version just to see which i like better.
I think Sennheiser already has some wireless models, quite a few actually. I may have misunderstood it, but if you are talking about open wireless headsets, I don't see much purpose in making those, not for now at least.
I forgot to mention that it would be for gaming.
Oooh, now we're talking(especially if it works with the xbox one).