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Dac/Amp For PC Gamer (with phantom power)

Looking for a DAC/AMP combo to BD DT 990 Pro cans (250 ohm version) and condenser mic for my son. Needs are 1) Phantom Power (for mic) and amp with enough power to properly run the DT 990 Pro's at 250 ohm's. Now I was going to order a Schiit Fulla 3 or Hel but realized they don't support phantom power. I was looking also at the Focusrite Scarlet Solo and 2i2 (great mic pre with phantom power) but I can't find any information about its headphone amp quality, if it can adequately power the DT 990's. I few stated that the headphone amp might not be up to par. Any other suggestions out there please?

Sep 25, 2020
Came across this after looking for the same kind of solution. The headphone amp in the Focusrites isn't the greatest, but it is enough to power the 250ohm DT990 Pros (using those right now myself with the Focusrite Solo v2). Your question was many months ago, so I think its safe to assume you've already purchase something. If you did find something that would accomplish what you were initially looking to do, please post here.
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