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Bluetooth 5 cable - 2-pin for Nuforce IEMs

It appears that we’re on the cusp of decent battery life in portable Bluetooth receivers with the release of new BT5 Qualcomm chips. I was wondering if there was any interest in neckband/pendant Bluetooth receivers with an MMCX /2-pin connector?
I recently purchased the Sony WI-1000X and really enjoyed the convenience of the neckband and the long battery life afforded by the format. However, the sound quality just wasn’t quite there for me. I’ve noticed Sony make a Bluetooth neckband but it’s the older BT4 standard, in addition to being MMCX only and quite rare.
I’m part of the next Nuforce EDC3 drop and would love to have a Bluetooth adapter to plug them into. My ideal device would have a 2-pin adapter, 8-10 hours battery life with AAC, APTXHD and LDAC. As this doesn’t currently exist my plan is to wait for the release of the FiiO BTR3 pendant with 3.5mm jack.
I was also wondering what the opportunities are possible with the new Qualcomm chips. I noticed the press release stated that ANC is now built into the chips - hypothetically, if microphones were integrated into the MMCX connector points, would this be close enough to the drivers to provide effective ANC? Do ANC earphones need special tuning or can you just run the noise cancelation frequencies through them?Is this something that would interest people?

Have you found any? I just ordered a set of Massdrop+ IEMs and am looking for the same kind of cable you are. It seems like MMCX is a lot more popular and have a lot more options (in general) as far as cables go. It makes me partially regret my purchase, heh.
Oct 20, 2018
I would prefer ones that use mmcx over 2 pin tbh~
Apr 18, 2018
This is pretty much the perfect form factor (Libratone Track Plus). It just needs interchangeable plugs.
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