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Best Headphone/Dac/Amp Combos under 1000$

So I'm pretty much looking for an upgrade for my current audio setup or whatever you wish to call it. I'm mainly looking for a new set of headphones but a new dac and or an amp with it "would make a fine addition to my collection". Any ideas of good headphones and maybe some dacs and or amps would be nice would be nice to get down below. Interested if any of you have some good closed/ open or iems that you could recommend on a large budget. Here's my current "setup".

seems the Multibit is snake oil? Not even Z reviews could tell the difference between 2 non multibit dacs vs the multibit.
I'm trying to decide between the Lyr 3 / Jotunheim with either Multi or not.
What headphone stand is that OP? Seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I like your setup btw, very similar to my own (HDXX, Objective 2, nuforce EDC)
It's a Multibrackets M headset Holder and it cost me like 25 euros here in Finland
Honestly not everyone I know can pickup amp/dac differences but almost all of them can appreciate nicer headphones. If it were me I would throw that entire budget at a headphone upgrade. HD800's drop down to that level as do Focal Elears (give the Clears a bit and they will be close) and the Beyer T1's. You also might be able to pickup a TH900 at that price level. You've got all the basics covered, now you just need to decide how deeply you want to go down this rabbit hole. I personally haven't found the end of it yet... was just pondering a saving plan for a Benchmark DAC3 L ($1895).
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Own the T1's (gen1) and love them... picked them up for $819 many moons ago... got a pair of Elex that should arrive this week, hoping they will take over the crown as my favorite higher end pair (Merging what I like from the T1, HE500 and HD650... hopefully). If I were spending money on a new pair (assuming the Elex wasn't a thing) I would throw money towards the Aeon Closed version from Mr. Speakers. Found a deal for the LCD-X at 1100 a pair but I have a hard rule about spending more than $1000 on something just for headphones. If an upgrade exceeds $1000 it better help out my home stereo too.
Alright, thank you. Unfortunately elex doesn't ship here to Finland and our prices are high anyway so I have to do what I usually do which is to wait for amazing deals on the other headphones.
Jotunheim multibit, HD6XX + Balanced cables?
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Waiting on the HD6xx and probably ordering the Jot with multibit to arrive before the head phones. I'm hoping we are both right.
U wont regret it