Cable was too long for my needs so I did that :)


Jul 27, 2020
Uhhhhhh how that looks dope af. I’m guessing you like looped it around a cylinder object but did u use a heat gun? And for how long did u leave it for cause I really wanna do this but not damage my cable
Sep 11, 2020
Sorry for the late response. If you want to see someone do it, look for "diy cable coiling" by a guy named "CruzCtrl" But this is how I did it :) I looped it around a steel bar as tight as I could, securing the ends of the cable with tape so they don't come loose, then heat it with a heat gun at 150 °C and about 10cm apart from it, constantly moving the heat gun so the cable doesn't get burn, do that for about 2 minutes and leave it cool down. Repeat the process of heating and letting it cool 3 to 5 times, the final step is to just leave it for 12 to 24 hours, take the tape off and enjoy your new coil :D
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