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[Suggestion] Review or Rating System for Drops

Alright, so I know I'm posting this under "MECH KEYS", but this could definitely be applied to all communities.
So, I have been on Massdrop for a little while, and I've only purchased some headphones and a pair of shoes. But, I have also benefited from the website because I was able to find out about products I didn't know about before (i.e. the keyboard I am using right now, RC930-87).
However, there is one thing that I feel could make this site even better: the addition of a rating or review system for all products.
This could help buyers make better decisions in terms of purchasing items. Also, it would allow for people to take a quick glance at a product without having to leave the site or dig through pages of (unsortable) comments. Another reason that I would like to see such a system is because many of the products featured on this site are from companies that are very obscure. The obscurity of the products often leads to Massdrop being the only relevant result in a quick Google search, and no way to tell whether the product is good or bad.
Now, as I write this post, I realize that there might be a reason for Massdrop to not include such a system. It might deter potential customers from buying a product. However, I think that this is all the more reason to include the rating system. It will force the site to search for higher quality products leading to more happy customers.
I hope the Massdrop team will take this idea into consideration.

tl;dr: Massdrop should add a rating system for products for educated decisions and ease of use.

Some notes:
  • It is currently 0:54 local time. So, some of the logic/sentences may not make sense. Please point them out to me, if you feel the need to.
  • As I was writing the part about "digging through pages of comments", I thought about how Massdrop also lacks a feature to sort comments by ratings. I feel like this could also be super helpful b/c a lot of highly-rated comments are very helpful reviews/info.
  • Another thought: Massdrop could add a dedicated Q&A spot for products, instead of dumping everything in the comments.

Aug 17, 2016
@kungpaogao - all brilliant and very cogent points. We have the development of a product reviews & ratings system on our current product roadmap - it's something that we agree would add great value to the process of making purchasing decisions. We chose to first focus on updating the comments & replies system itself, and then expand its feature-set to include sort, filter and eventually ratings features.
As we expand, we want to develop a system that accommodates not only product ratings, but also off topic chats about products, ode to product posts, modding and diy posts and so forth all related to a given product so we're taking time to methodically design an infrastructure to support this vision.
We, as always, appreciate your support, your ideas and your patience as we continue to crank out features for you all.
Aug 16, 2016
I'd say currently the 'Discussion' page on each drop is doing a fairly decent job at provided supplementary information. Mostly because it isn't being moderated to remove links and other opinions about each of the products. I doubt ratings would be in the best interest of Massdrop themselves as it could eliminate potential drops.
Aug 16, 2016
CyphreI see what you mean, but my main gripe with the current Discussion page is that it can be too disorganized sometimes. Also, many times owners don't posts their "full" opinions on products, which can be annoying if I might potentially buy in on the Drop.
Aug 16, 2016
kungpaogaoOh no doubt; too few posts showing and too slow a script to work as a comparable 'forum.' Hopefully they'll get some site upgrades soon.
Aug 16, 2016
A separate Q&A page would be sweet.
Wouldn't mind a rating system for drops that have been around for a bit (so that people have purchased, received, and had plenty of time to experience a product).
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