FiiO X5 III or X7 II or else?

So since I am hoarding money for some time now and my next purchase goal would be a nice DAP I was thinking about purchasing the FiiO X5 III since I heard a lot of good stuff about and it fits my personal style designwise. My question would be if it would be worth it to wait a little longer and save up some more money to buy FiiO's flagship DAP instead concerning overall build- and software-quality and also audio quality? I have a fetish for really good audio and would like to ask you guys if you have experience comparing those two (or even other devices I just dont know about because i overlooked them) to tell me how significant the stepup is and if the hefty price difference is a price worth paying (in your opinion since in the end we all have to decide for ourselves) or even if you have other DAPs you could recomend to me.

Thank you very much in advance,

Leander :)

Jun 5, 2018
My X7II stopped working one day and I am worried about the warranty. I sent it back to the factory and am waiting on getting it back. If it weren't for that, I would say that the sound is very, very good. I also have a X5 MkII I now use as a DAC for my computer and laptop. I also have the A5 portable amp, but haven't auditioned the AM5 module. I also haven't sampled the x5 Mk III either. The x7II is MUCH better than the X5 Mk II, I can say that for sure.
May 8, 2018
X7mkii for sure. Balanced is overrated though. Get the AM5 amp for it and be prepared for amazingness! Got the AM5 on my Q5 and it's so much better imo than the AM3A it came with. I actually kinda want to get the x7mkii to stack with my Q5. It's looks pretty nice.
May 7, 2018
For my opinion get da fiio x7mkii and u will not regret as the SQ is balance throughout the frequency spectrum and i also own the fiio x5mk3 i find it warm sounding and it has alot of noise as well if u are using both sensitive and non-sensitive iem but if u stack da fiio x5mk3 with fiio A5 portable amp it sounded awesome. Overall, i recommend u to get da fiio x7mk2. Essentially, go and audition them, ur ears are the best judgement :)