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AKG K7XX repair?

Got these about a year ago or so. Love them, however, the right side is starting to go out. Definitely not the cable, I sadly learned after trying out a brand new one. I'm hoping there's a solution w/o sending them in, as in my experience electronics is the repair fee is usually too high to make it worth my while. Anywho, I'll leave it at that.
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I have the same problem , also in the right ear!
When this happened to mine, they sent me a new one, free of charge
My son had the same problem with his. I used the video above as a guide to open up the right earpiece. Sure enough, the red wire was disconnected. I am not the most skilled with a soldering iron, but I got it fixed.
Officially: Contact CS and see what they say. Might be something they can do to help out.
Unofficially: Had the same issue. I opened up the right ear cup and it was very obvious that one of the wires had become detached. Took 30 seconds to strip some of the wire coating and solder it back into place.
Pretty sure I used this video to see how to get everything apart:
Thanks -- I have a soldering iron. Will check this out. Not a lot of time now, but will in a few weeks. I think they're usable until then.