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Brand Spotlight: Sennheiser

Our third Brand Spotlight, and our first in Audiophile, is a collaboration with one of our favorite partners: Sennheiser. As most of you know, we’ve worked with Sennheiser extensively on a handful of audio projects—most notably our HD 6XX open-back headphones, which have sold more than 100,000 pairs. Now, we’re excited to take a new stride with the legendary German audio brand. Starting next Tuesday, June 9, we’ll be hosting Sennheiser. What does that mean for you? Well, when you go to Shop: Audiophile during the first 3 days of the Spotlight, things will look a little different. There will be a wide selection of Sennheiser products—from new releases to fan favorites and everything in between—plus offers you’ll only find on Drop through Sunday, June 21. On top of that, each purchase in the Spotlight will earn you up to 15 times the Drop Rewards points. We can’t wait to kick this initiative off, but you’ll have to sit tight until we announce the full list of products on Tuesday. In the meantime, get your favorite playlists ready for a spin, and clear some space for a new pair of headphones—you won’t want to miss this exclusive collection. Best, The Drop Team

Oct 21, 2021
Please just lower the price, don’t play the trick of reward points. For example, hd800s listed with 1400 price tag and few people are buying, why not listed at 1200, which will make a huge difference
UPDATE: Looks like its been fixed! Thanks MassDrop for listening :-) keep up the fantastic work! I know this has been mentioned like 200 times but I figured once more wouldn't hurt You guys have a MAJOR redirection issue which will destroy this community and give people the wrong idea because your Shop -> Audiophile Link is sending people straight to rather then the standard audiophile page. If you fix this and say oops I'm sure people wont care (we all make mistakes). But definitely send out a community post letting people know that was a mistake and that wasn't the goal and that nothing is changing when it comes to making new products with other companies. Like everyone on here, I agree the products that were added in this initiative are not up to the typical Massdrop community approved standards because the value/quality is not there (like with most of the other products everyone has come to love on this site).
Jun 12, 2020
Anythingispossible.autism1drop needs to stop this NOW! I want to look at other stuff not just Sennheiser!!
It was a short-term spotlight on Sennheiser. They already did two other brand spotlights in two other communities.
Jun 10, 2020
I'd totally buy a beige and brown edition of the HD6xx !!
Bring IE400 & IE500 pro into the deals!
Jun 9, 2020
Too many emails today on this. In fact too many emails recently from Drop. The sennheiser sound bar email also did not say what category it falls into as far as email promotions go, so I did not know which unsubscribe choice to pick.
Jun 9, 2020
both models, 800s and 820 are being sold at exactly the same price at other stores right now. drop is supposed to bring some value (price reduction or unique models) by ordering large batches, this makes no sense.
Jun 9, 2020
The whole 75th campaign has been disappointing so far, even the HD25 limited edition is not so attractive to me. I expected this spotlight event to be dull but this is unexpectedly bad in reality... Well, fortunately, Sennheiser did not bring HDV820 + HD820 bundle to this time... Seems they have lernt a lesson. I rather to have something like HD2000 as a 75th product then something not exciting.
Jun 9, 2020
I am used to being disappointed by the watches on here so those spotlights were not surprising. I had hope for this spotlight but I am also disappointed with it. I would rather pay less than MSRP elsewhere than buy it for more here and get rewards points. Drop is becoming like a mall for me, I shop around on it find what I like and then buy it cheaper somewhere else.
LagunasecaYou misunderstood these drops, but I think your positions are understandable. If you had been watching these products (which I can understand not doing... if you had your eye on something, you probably would have bought before waiting for this sale), you would know that they were all priced below MSRP, and that Sennheiser orchestrated a sale with all US dealers for the same time. So, yeah, something like the $2400 HD 820 was dropped to $1999 here and Amazon (and B&H and a bunch of other places), but Drop was offering an additional $300 of store credit on top of that. In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve been eyeing the HD 820, but money’s been tight so I STILL haven’t made a purchase, but that was the best deal I’ve seen yet for that model. Where you might agree with me is what I think was the saddest part about these drops: there wasn’t enough of a reason for people to want these headphones (other than the people that bought every HD 800 S). The descriptions and photos didn’t have people imagining the possibilities if they owned these, especially the newer, lesser known models. People didn’t care about the wider selection, or price for every budget. People said they wanted low prices or something new, but there were several fairly new products for sale (not exclusive to Drop, but less than a year old) and some of the best prices and deals ever on these models. Drop’s community just proved that a price cut doesn’t move the needle... you had better believe that Sennheiser will have noted this. People weren’t hyped about these products, there was no anticipation but rather everyone took it as a nasty surprise that the spotlight was on Sennheiser. I can’t help but think there was low demand already due to tighter belts and unemployment, but also people weren’t looking forward to this and saving up. This was a three day sale... I think they would have done more business if the Spotlight was just one or two days, and people heard it was coming three days in advance. These are just my theories. If someone else has thoughts about this or I’m totally off base, I’d love to hear from you guys. Also, sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I am curious how you guys feel... I’ve had a lot of time to think about this, and today someone commented on a Momentum bluetooth neckband post I made.
Aug 5, 2020
EvshrugYou make some valid points. I think people might have had too high of expectations due to the HD6XX which is probably one of the best products on here. I am not a fan of the shift towards store credit. I would much rather have an additional $200 discount than a $300 store credit. I think the biggest advantage Drop has is it’s community. I trust reviews and feedback on here much more than other sites. The downside for Drop is that if it cheaper somewhere else everyone will call them out on it. Maybe rewards points are their way of dealing with this.
The deals on these aren’t great even with the bonus points, you can get them for less from other authorized dealers and not have to deal with the discount being in store credit. If Drop wants a legitimate hit, why not do an HD8XX or HD82X with a discount at a similar percentage to the 6XX vs the 650? That’s be a guaranteed instant hit with months-long backlogs in orders.
Jun 10, 2020
tutetibiimperesI can get HD820 and 800s much cheaper here in Australia. If they did make HD8XX the same way like you say, it would be awesome.
Jun 9, 2020
well, that's some uninspiring deals for ya.
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