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YOOOO! VERUM 1s! Nice to see another person who has one. :)
Jun 17, 2020
The Aurender Flow makes the sound offering in the Lows, Mids and Highs up a little bit better to everything and a lot bigger soundstage. Aurender Flow V1000 is designed to be used with audiophile grade headphones however I am currently using my Verum One's headphone which in my opinion delivers audiophile sound a lot cheaper than what you consider to call the mainstream type of headphones.  I used the Flow with two main sources: my laptop connected with USB 2.0 to play files from the laptop's drive and I used the TosLink connection from my Echobox DAP to listen to music streamed via Spotify and the Flow sounds amazing, the absolute quality of both the treble and midrange depended on which PCM filter I used. This unit for the price that Drop had offered is definitely a no brainer if you treasure your listening experience.. So far I am more than satisfied with the Aurender Flow. ✅✅✅
Nov 18, 2020
B1gdee05That Aurender Flow is ‘good enough’ to consider getting your transport sorted... I’d certainly suggest looking into avoiding the Windows Volume Mixer (and using Windows Media Player etc), and I bet locking your audio output to a neat multiple of your playback files, or, just setting it to 44.1khz if only listening to CD rips would sound ‘faster’ or more musical. For me, a quick way of ascertaining the level of equipment I am playing with is whether dithered sound (eg listening to 44.1 khz files at 48khz) sounds worse than native sampling rates (or neat multiples of..). Majority of consumer class kit doesn’t make a noticable difference, but something like the Aurender Flow should be ‘night and day’. Not saying the dithered output would sound BAD, but I AM suggesting that the non dithered output should prove noticeably better. Cymbal crashes will become lifelike and metallic (as an easy example to spot)
Jun 17, 2020
Sound good? ;-)
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