Jan 22, 2021
Is this on ear or over ear?
Oct 6, 2020
You don't necessarily need the boom mic if you were playing games with people do you? or in otherwords does it have a built in mic, and how good is it? dope space bar btw
Oct 7, 2020
I've only tried the built-in once on a phone call and it wasn't so great. I mostly use my microphones for work calls and my experience was that the built-in wasn't good enough but I have yet to try it again to see if it was a simple bluetooth glitch. If you only want the mic for a quick call when you're listening to music I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'll bet it's fine for gaming too, honestly to me it was more about the other end not understanding technical details I was trying to verbally communicate and I imagine it's quite different compared to how it would be used for gaming. I'll try to remember to record a quick audio clip and post it online for you to sample tomorrow.