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Keyboard & Drink

When burning the midnight oil at work, got some Prairie Artisan Ales (specifically the Funky Gold Citra Hop & Prairie Paradise) and Turley '13 Pesenti Vyd Zin...with my daily driver, the MiniVan44.

The laptop is the X1 Yoga G1.

Apr 3, 2017
How's the MiniVan serving you as a daily clacker?
Apr 29, 2017
Okay, so you're talking The Minivan R3 vs The Planck, not The Minivan R3 vs R4. There wasn't context, so wasn't sure what you meant. A bit apples to oranges, but I see your point. I bought both TheVan44 (MiniVan) R3 and the Planck, and definitely a major price difference. Could be a production levels, the milling/machining (TheVan has a higher profile base, not the floating key style of the Planck) and anodizing costs could be different. And the PCBs could also have a different cost.
That said, I'm still very sure I'll be driving my MiniVan much more often, so to speak. It's much more user friendly, he developed a loader via his website, to make it so you don't have to code to create new layouts. The non-ortho style is more natural to me. The larger modifiers are easier to type on. There are many reasons for me, personally. I'll use the Planck as a macro board and design board for editing, to be honest. Ortholinear is awkward to me, and just doesn't feel right (tried a friend's before jumping on the latest drop). But I love the concept and process behind the product. He showed me the flexibility of what you can do with one, and I instantly knew it'd help out my efficiency for specific tasks. If you don't think The Minivan is worth the money, then be happy with your Planck purchase and enjoy it. Both are great options for different reasons.
Apr 30, 2017
PandemosYeah sorry for making that so vague. Could have been more clear.
The price tag is definitely justified in the materials. I mean a high profile polished Nickel case is not a thing to take lightly. I just wish Evan would make cheaper options available for us 'poor' people.
If I can't get used to Ortholinear I'll still end up buying one or handwiring something just like it.
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