Looking for a bookshelf speaker amp

Hello all, I am looking for information and possibly some recommendations. Are there ever small(ish) for factor speaker amps on here, the only ones I ever see are low power for headphones. I have a pair of B&W 707 S2 bookshelf speakers for my PC and I would like to find a small form factor amp for them. Minimum 30 watts rms per channel, ideal would be 60. If nobody has one on drop they can point me towards, then are there any recommendations from elsewhere? Thanks for any information or recommendations.

Sep 22, 2020
Don't know how small of a space you're talking, but I'm assuming the Schiit stuff is a no-go. However, I'd definitely recommend Vidar or Rag 2. Do you need an integrated amp? It would kind of help save space, but most integrated amps I've seen are quite huge. Separate power amp and preamp/passive attenuator can be smaller but obviously you have more boxes and wires to contend with.
There are not a lot of integrated amps in that form factor. The NAD 3045 has more wattage with similar size (2 inches added to height/depth). The PS Audio sprout 100 will also be of similar size with more power than the 3020. Beyond that you are looking at bigger options or far more expensive options.
Sep 25, 2020
^this exactly. I don't know of imtegrated amps that I liked in that form factor. Most of the stuff I have/liked is honking huge. Including my headphone amps. The closest thing to what you're looking for that I'd recommend is seriously a Vidar with a Sys for volume control. Or if you really want one box, a Schiit Rag 1.
Sep 10, 2020
Not sure what your space requirements are or what you consider 'small form factor'. The most cost effective option would be an Emotiva BasX A-100 (50Wpc, 8 Ohms) $229. It'll get the job done nicely with good headroom but while only 8.5" in width it is 15" deep. The Marantz HD-AMP1 (35Wpc, 8 Ohms) $1,100 but can be found for $750. It should be a good match sonically with the 707 S2. It may be a bit underpowered for the 707's but it has decent headroom unless you need to get really loud. The TEAC AP-505 (90Wpc, 8 Ohms) $1500. Probably the smallest form factor but powerful. The look is on the aggressive side with the dual power meters & not for everyone. The YBA Hifi Design WA202 (50Wpc, 6 Ohm?) $1195. I list this because it's something I actually own. It's actually a receiver but the sound it produces is magical. It's probably a bit underpowered for the 707's though. It can only currently be ordered through the USA distributor (TMH Audio). Quad Vena II Play (45Wpc, 8 Ohms) $1495. Not cheap but it's more than just an amp & can be used for streaming. It would be an excellent match for the 707. Arcam SA10 (50Wpc, 8 Ohms) $1000. The form factor is more of a normal size but should be a good match sonically for the 707.