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Sept 14, 2020: Creator Spotlight

I hope you have all been good and enjoyed some of the Blade Runner photographs coming out of California. If you’re a first time reader this is a weekly thread where I give shoutouts to mechanical keyboard content creators so that you, the reader, can find new and interesting content to follow. With the community on, we can do our part to support the creators in the space. Without further ado, here is today’s curation.  EvShrug This one is cheating a little bit since it isn’t strictly about mechanical keyboards, but it’s an audiophile guide by one of our community members, @Evshrug. There’s quite a lot of crossover between mechanical keyboard and audiophile users so including Ev’s guide still makes sense. If you’re looking to understand more about audiophile products and support a fellow community member, check out the content Ev is making. PS where are the Drop product reviews!?  Taekeyboards
Taekeyboards is a well known creator and he just released a review video on the very hype Cyberboard. Many people in the community have been following this board for a while and while the unit shown in this video is a prototype, seeing the keyboard guts is definitely interesting! It’s always nice to see new twists on keyboard design and I hope this inspires new designers to experiment even further.  Sara Dietschy
Remember when you put together your first mechanical keyboard? Relive the nostalgia of messing everything up with Sara’s recording of her first mechanical keyboard build. She’s a popular Youtuber and shows off her first mechanical keyboard build and all the confusion that comes with it. Tiny and TaehaTypes make guest appearances in the latter half of the video to impart their expertise to Sara.  Like what you see here?  Give these creators your support with a subscribe, follow, or a nice comment. Also, as this is a new series, feel free to provide feedback here. What did you like? What did you not like? And most importantly, if you have creators you want to be featured leave them here too!  Thanks! 


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