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Launch of the EvShrug Audio Guides!

Hello everyone! I’ve been here in Drop/Massdrop for a few years, also on Head-Fi since 2008, and I’ve seen a few common questions and gaps in knowledge over the years. So, to try answering them so that I (or you) can simply link a video when a common question comes up, I “rebooted” my YouTube channel with new videos to serve as a guide for new and intermediate personal audio enthusiasts! Thanks for accepting my amateur production with a “shrug” and a subscribe, I’ll try to upload 1-2 videos a week and add them here as well. Go ahead and leave audio questions you think others would also want answered! YouTube Playlist:

Another new article: A preview of the BMR1 nearfield monitor speakers based on an engineering validation sample (some improvements to Bluetooth were made after this):

Here’s a fresh Audiophile 101: Essential Components Overview! •List the pieces of an audio chain •Explain what each does •describe the benefit of upgrading each piece
I made a post in this series specifically for Drop… and you can expect me to get back into making videos and guide posts again! I think it will be a good idea to have “Audiophile 101” in every title, so they’re easy to search for! Audiophile 101: What IS an Audiophile??

Jan 3, 2022
Hello, I am sorry to hijack your post like this but you seem to be very knowledgeable regarding headphones and especially the PC38x (I have seen you reply to a couple of posts). So if you look up PC38x crosstalk issues you'll see a lot of people talk about Discord hearing their in-game audio, maybe even that discord picks up their audio despite being muted or that the mic puts out a static noise audible to others, unfortunately I am experiencing all of these issues, this is something that I have seen in no review so far, yet here I am, with all these problems. I have been doing extensive testing and research on this matter and I don't think it's the open-ear headphone sound leaking into the microphone, this is an internal issue regarding analog wires, my old USB HyperX headset never had any issues like that. I think the signals get somehow mixed up, maybe because my motherboard is old, maybe because of my GPU causing interference, hell it could even be the PSU... or my PC38x in particular is just a faulty product which I still do not want to believe, however I tried using it on my laptop's headphone jacks and ran into the exact same issue so it's not impossible. Now comes the interesting part though, after trying different jacks, using noise gates and filters the issues persisted, so I tried a USB analog to digital sound-card, and it fixed all of my problems! However it made my mic unbearably quiet (I assume because it doesn't deliver enough power for the mic, I heard I need 5V for headset mics). Next I tried updating my realtek audio driver which didn't do anything in itself, however the Microphone Effect option: "AEC removes acoustic echo coupled into the microphones from the loudspeaker output thru air." fixed all my problems again (I occasionally still hear a static noise in my left earcup but it's bearable) however my mic quality took a hit. All in all this Microphone Effect is the best solution so far but I don't understand why I am confronted with so many issues at all when this headset is so highly praised by many users on Drop and YouTube. Now, why am I here? Basically, have you ever seen this issue get resolved or helped someone with it? Any ideas based on everything I have listed? Do I need a DAC like the Sound Blaster G6 or maybe the GSX 300 (I know the software is ass but I feel like I just need an alternative to my motherboard audio), are my cables somehow at fault? (I tried both, the PC one and the one for Controllers, both have the same issues), I have also heard about Ground Loop isolators and ferrite chockers but I feel like it's very unlikely that they will help in any way. If you actually read this far, I once again apologize for posting this under a totally unrelated post but, Drop does not have a PM option. At this point I am very frustrated with my purchase, all I wanted is to step up my game as I found out about the audiophile community...
It’s not placebo!
Looks like EPOS is putting a red mark on their cables for the new headset, which help mark when the cable is plugged in all the way. Seems like a good idea, hope that sees wider adoption!
Dec 16, 2020
Very excited to see anything you put out.
Sep 16, 2020
Awesome! Good resource for us audio junkies!
Tonk4tsuThanks! I was working late last night on a “Driver’s Ed” (🚙😂 Actually, features and benefits of each type of headphone driver) video, but I wanted to do a bit more research and practice my drawings. Hope to release it today! Maybe around 8 Eastern Standard Time US?
A little late but congrats on the launch! I can include this in the audiophile community spotlight that will go out in tomorrow's daily email :)
I'd recommend making a new guide post along with a thumbnail. You can also add a comment to this guide pointing users over to your new post as well.
wumbostickman2000Appreciate it! Always learning, always on a journey!
Not anymore
erickongWell, at least that means there’s more chance for people to read my video descriptions.
Sep 12, 2020
Good idea, good info. Thanks for sharing ;-)
jaxtraumaThanks for the Vote of confidence!! I’m starting out on a basic level, but I’ll “deep dive” in the future.
Sep 12, 2020
Evshrug 👍🏻👍🏻
Ok... I kind of wanted to see “how” this would look on Drop. I had hoped I could create threads... I guess in the future I’ll just create a guide introducing each video and why I thought it would be helpful. For example, many people just haven’t had the chance to TRY all these kinds of headphones, and want to know what each kind is best at, or maybe there’s some vocabulary like Supra aural or Canalphone that they’d like to know the meaning of.
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