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What IEM's are those?
Oct 10, 2020
Humm.. that’s a hard one for me with this pair. There isn’t anything terribly bad about the Neo’s. Comfort is superb. The sound signature is probably neutral. Bass is a little light for my taste ( I am not a bass head ). Usually I can pinpoint at least one thing I don’t like. These the only thing is that I find them boring. Nothing about them excites me. I keep going back and trying but to date, they are not in any rotation. I wish Drop had messaging so I could give you some details.
EdgeRunnerall good so basically it doesn't really excel at anything but isn't bad at anything either? huh for the price that's a shame might be nice for super long sessions as things like the Mangird Tea's get kinda fatiguing after a while but I'll probably go H40's or Thor Mjölnir's for my next IEM's
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