Is there a source for OEM earpad replacemts? Mine are flaking after a few years of use, and the three alternative pads I've tried have all had an unflattering effect on the sound. Zeos said not to mess with the default pads, and he was right. For anyone who's interested in the journey: Brainwavz Hybrid makes the sound way too polite and distant for me. ZMF Eikon Hybrid feels most comfortable to wear and sounds more spacious, but cuts the euphonic sensations in half and dampens bass impact enough to make me miss the OEM pads. Accessory House Global handmade sheepskin for X00 models alters the frequency response least but feels suffocating around my ears and reduces euphony by about a third compared to OEM.


Mar 1, 2021
Because it's a partnership with Massdrop ( Now Drop ), I doubt they are selling them. Maybe the pads from the Fostex TH610 is the closest one. Available from Fostex or Amazon. But there is plenty of alternatives in the aftermarket. I saw some on Amazon from Acessory house as you mentionned or Geekria, ZMF headphones, Lawtonaudio, Dekoni, Brainwavz. Pads from the Denon D2000 etc series or Emu will fit on those. On the Drop website, they said that they are made from egshells protein leather. As I can see, cheaper materials tend to be velour type, but you won't find them for this modal. Other Protein leather on the market are mostly polyurethane who is more durable on the long run. Sheepskin is a real leather and is much softer to touch than the stock protein leather on it. Depending of the manufacturer, under the outer material, they use different foam. Some are memory type other not... With different density... Personally, When I got my Purpleheart, to improve the comfort with glasses, I bought the Dekoni Sheepskin for the TH-900. They have a big circle instead of the small oval opening. I did tried out the Dekoni sheepskin for Fostex Txx Rp series with attenuation ring, but I prefer the TH-900 variant on them.