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Bang for buck amp for hd800

Hey guys, wondering what the best bang for buck amp for my hd800 is. Looking at maybe a schiit magni 2 uber/vali 2 at the moment but not too sure.


I highly recommend O2, mainly because of its wonderful performance (compared with much more expensive amps), portability, and my own experience with hd 800s. Definitely 100% sure that it works well with 800s but not very so when it comes to the original 800.
So i went to a local store and tried a few. Ended up getting a valhalla 2. Listened to a few amps all the way up to the $1500 mark, the valhalla 2 did pretty well and got to about 90% i'd say to the most expensive ones i tried.
Well in audio it's way easy to pass the point of diminishing returns which i don't want to do. If i can pay 40% of something for 80% of the performance then that's good for me. When i say bang for buck i don't mean the cheapest item but an item with good value which works alright.
So you bought headphones that are well past the point of diminishing returns, but you're trying to avoid doing the same with an amp?
I still stand by my statement. Those cans are probably the hardest that I have ever heard of to match with a suitable amp. In the end, what you do with that information is up to you though.
I got them for $400 second hand. And i'd say spending 400 on better model headphones is more well spent than spending 400 on an amp.
HD800 is extremely picky with amps. You would be better served to save, and study it out and buy something good, than to buy bang for buck anything with those cans.