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Sept 28, 2020: Creator Spotlight

Cowabunga time, it’s another edition of Creator Spotlights! We search far and wide to introduce you to three pieces of content about mechanical keyboards and all it’s little quirks. While we’ve been posting mostly videos, we can share content in any format - video, picture, podcast, or even poetry if that’s your fancy.  Here is this week’s curation!  TaeKeyboard
Tex is a keyboard manufacturer famous for replicating Lenovo’s “mouseball in keyboard” design. Taekeyboard, a well known creator, reviews a new keyboard from Tex called the Shinobi. Actually what drew me to this video is because I used a Lenovo laptop for a few years and fell in love with using the keyboard in mouse design. While I think the keyboard is a bit big for portability, if you’re looking to have an even more minimal setup, this might be an interesting choice to consider.  Mech Merlin
Mech Merlin takes us through a day in the life of a vintage keyboard hunter. Visiting several Goodwills and electronic recycling shops, it seems like a true treasure hunt. I thought it was funny that he saw evidence that one of the shops was already picked over by another vintage hunter. Next time you see a vintage keyboard collection at a meetup you’ll have some idea of the effort required to build that inventory up! The 8-Bit Guy
So let’s say that you went through and scavenged from vintage keyboards. But what if you pick up some absolutely horrid, covered in gunk, but historical keyboard? 8-bit guy shows us the process of restoring what he calls the “worst machine” he’s ever seen. While I don’t think most of us are hardcore into major restoration gigs, it’s still fun to see the work of a professional. The video has two parts and runs for roughly 1 hour. The keycaps on the Vic-2 look fairly similar to the MT3 profile designed by Matt3o and sold on our site. That’s it for this week’s curation. If you liked this thread, please give these creators a follow and a like on their video. If you have any recommendations on who we should curate for next week’s content please let me know in the comments section below.

Vintage mech hunting. Goodwill has never yielded me anything. I found a 122-key Model M at my old internship, that was cool.
erickongMakes me think about the old keyboards that my parents had when I was growing up. I still at least have a mechanical typewriter :P
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