Looking for an alternative to Logitech's macro customization for other keyboards.

TL;DR I'm too used to Logitech's keyboards with their Macro software and can't find an equivalent for other keyboards. Please help! Long version: I've exclusively used Logitech keyboards for the last 15 + years with heavy use of their programmable G macro keys. I'm looking to upgrade to a hot-swappable TKL (currently thinking of the Drop Ctrl) and I've been trying to find a good alternative to Logitech's customization software without much luck... What I'm trying to do:
  • Trigger macros using any key or combination of keys which include the AppsKey (Menu key), F13-24 keys, etc... globally (Without having the macro software in focus).
  • Easily record keyboard macros for specialized repetitive tasks that I need to do now but never use them again. Mouse recording is a bonus but not required
  • Macros include a multi-key combo, series of keys with delays, open folders, files, and programs

What I've tried so far:
  • Auto Hot Key: It looks super powerful but I'm not a programmer and I keep hitting walls trying to use it, and I don't think I can use it to record macros
  • AutoIt: Same issues as Auto Hot Key
  • QMK: It seems way too complicated for what I can do
  • QMK configurator: Can't do series of keypresses, or multiple keypresses (outside of a simple modifier + key), open folders, files, or programs, or record macros
  • Macro Express: No global per macro hotkeys
  • JitBit Macro Recorder: No global per macro hotkeys
  • Pulover’s Macro Creator: frozen on the launch, that with multiple warning from windows about it being a fishy software made me unstinall it instantly.
I'm running out of things to try. Logitech's software can't be the only one out there, can it? Please help!

Configurator Development Roadmap Our configurator tool is still a work-in-progress. Here is what you can expect to be added to the tool in the future: 1. Merge our QMK changes back into the main QMK repository 2. Macros support 3. Support for changing some QMK settings 4. Support for more keyboards For the Drop boards with QMK^
Dec 31, 2020
Can we get an update on the time frame for Macro Settings? We shouldn’t need to know how to hack into Area 51 to set up macros. I love the quality of the keyboard but the configuration software needs quicker development.
I don't have that information