Sep 19, 2016150 views

Best Floor standing Speakers for audio setup

I'd like to have some suggestions for 800$ ish pair of Floor standing Speakers for an audio setup (CD & Turntable) with Pre-amp / Amp.

This is a decent list with a few floorstanding options:
The Kef Q500s are really nice.
Also, the new Polk Signature series coming out next month looks really promising for the price point.
Oh wow the KEF Q500 are exactly the style I want ot go for, does anyone has ever tried them?
I haven't listened to the Q500s, but I have listened too the bookshelf monitors from the same series, along with many other Kef speakers.
Kef does a good job translating a lot of engineering from their higher end, signature lines, down threw their more accessibly priced speakers. I am big fan of their loudspeakers.
That said, like I mentioned I haven't actually listened to the Q500s, but if they're like their little sisters, the Q300, I would imagine they articulate nicely with a wider range and soundstage.
In that price range I would look at the following ID retailers:
I have the older reference line from emotiva and this new line looks interesting. I have friends that own Arx/Chane and HTD and they are highly pleased with their purchases. I have heard the Chane/Arx and can back those up with personal experience. I've never been disappointed with my Emotiva gear, most of what I own is past it's warranty period (5 years) and still working like a champ.