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Please consider Drop MT3 PBT keycaps!

Hi! I really like that Drop started offering Drop branded ABS Doubleshot MT3 keycaps. My only wish besides addition kits is to also have a PBT MT3 option. I've heard future plans for more color ways with ABS Doubleshot, but I haven't heard of any plans for Drop PBT MT3 keycaps yet (only that more collabs GBs are happening). If there are plans for Drop PBT MT3 keycaps already, nevermind me, lol. Otherwise, I would like to start a discussion to see if it can generate enough interest for Drop to start planning for them sooner. Personally, I would love a Black on White PBT MT3 kit like the one currently offered in ABS. White on Black would be great also, but I understand the challenges involved with that. I would also love to see blank sets in various colors. I think blanks would help people fill in various odd layouts, on top of being really flexible for mixing colors. I love the MT3 profile and I hope to see it as big as other profiles like SA or Cherry!

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