Drop Ctrl Keyboard - Failing to power on

Hi, I finally received my drop ctrl keyboard at the start of last month after some shipping issues. After receiving it, i put it on my shelf and forgot about it until today. Today i decided to try the keyboard out. I plugged it in with the usb-c cable provided, it did not turn on... I tried both of the usb-c ports, the left one and the right one, same problem it did not turn on. I've tried a separate usb-c cable that i use for my phone, it did not work either. --- I then tried something very random, i inserted the provided usb c cable into the left port and extra usb-c cable into the right port. It turned on... (if i take one of the cables out it turns back off). It's almost like its not receiving enough power to turn on with one cable?. (the two cable strategy sometimes doesn't even work)

Nov 4, 2020
That switch is powered by a 5V micro USB input, which is then split across all downstream devices. The keyboard is likely not getting enough power.
What are you connecting the keyboard to?
I do not. If you read the "USB Hub Functionality" portion of the little card that came with the keyboard. It says ".... 2 - 4 watts" so I would assume that the hubs needs to be able to power that