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Fostex TH-X00 Shipping Failure

Well, it is quite unfortunate what happened during shipping/packaging with the latest TH-X00's. It was my first venture into a completely new league of headphones and I'm really having a hard time finding a different pair of headphones for $400-$600 that I'd like to buy. If you found an alternative to buy before the next drop, post it below. If not, are you waiting it out for another TH-X00 drop as well? I'm sure they'll do another one once they figure this mess out.

Check out the E-MU Teak. It's a better headphone than the X00.
I'm completely and utterly shocked at how awful this buying experience was for me. It even makes me wonder if it was a legit purchase to begin with and not some sort of scam to get some temporary capital for some other venture. Purely conspiracy theory of course. I've just never had anything go down like that. Truly, my mind is blown.
Well I assume people are discussing the whole issue within the discussion thread of the product itself.
Too bad you missed out on the recent ZMF x Vibro MKII in purpleheart (planar and closed with wooden cups, just like the TH-X00). I'd strongly recommend those if the drop was still active.
I really like my pair in rusted zebrawood which I received less than a month ago (I opted for the ZMF instead of TH-X00 PH). Best of luck if you decide to camp out for another drop (likely in another limited edition wood choice?). The PH one dropped about a week or two after rusted zebrawood shipped and ended in like a day, since limited quantity and all. Quality over quantity is the name of the game, and I truly experienced quality from ZMF.
I decided to go with a slightly more expensive headphone, the DT 1770 PRO.
really surprised no one's talking about this.
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Pretty much. People do have the right to be upset since it is by no means an inexpensive product. I'd have jumped for those too if they had detachable cables.
Agreed that would be a nice touch. I'm sure that will be in a version 2.0. ;-)
That or you can spend even more and have them sent away to LawtonAudio who will redo the wood AND the cabling.