Changing or controlling rgb on ctrl high profile?

So i just got the ctrl high profile and really like everything about it. But how do I change the or control the rgb on the ctrl high profile keyboard?

Nov 13, 2020
Do you mean how do you control/change it for the different presets, or change/control the rgb to new saved presets? If you are just wanting to change things like the LED pattern and what not (change between different presets) the Drop CTRL (and CTRL High Profile) should have came with a card with default hot keys as a legend or info. Hold Fn + Listed keys to activate: example: hold Fn key and then while holding Fn press A to select a different pattern

LED KEYS: "A" - LED Pattern select (Previous [goes backward in selection choice] its not a hard stop list, so it will cycle through all options forward or backward) "D" - LED Pattern select (Next [goes forward in selection choice]) "W" - LED Brightness Increase "S" - LED Brightness Decrease "Q" - LED Scrolling pattern speed Decrease "E" - LED Scrolling pattern speed Increase "Tab" - LED Toggle Breath Effect Capslock - LED Scrolling pattern direction "X" - LED Toggle On/Off "Z" - LED Toggle Mode (Keys + Edge; Keys Only; or Edge Only) MEDIA KEYS: "PgUp" [Page Up] - Volume Up "PgDn" [Page Down] - Volume Down "Print" - Mute (I dont have a print button, maybe they mean Print Screen( PrtSc)) "Ins" [Insert] - Play/Pause "Home" - Stop "Del" [Delete] - Previous "End" - Next Keyboard Option Keys: "N" - Toggle Keyboard 6KRO/NKRO (Default state 6KRO) Customizable Firmware: To build new keymaps go to the keymap configurator, this also includes new LED RGB maps.