MiniVan drop LED question

So having ordered a MiniVan in the last drop (really excited for it), the MiniVan will probably be my first keyboard build. I know very little when it comes to electrical engineering.
Now I understand that the MiniVan supports LEDs but that those do not come with the drop and have to be purchased separately. No big deal, frankly, but that brings up some questions about those:
  1. What should I be looking for in the LEDs that I need to order?
  2. Does the color matter? I understand that differently colored LEDs require different resistors and such. I will probably get warm white LEDs if I can find them at the right kind, is this going to be a problem?
Seems a little early to ask but I'd rather order them sooner rather than later as mail from China tends to take a very, very long time where I live. I ordered a bunch of post-its and it literally took a month and a half.
Thanks in advance
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3mm and flangeless are the key points. You can find packs of 100 on Amazon that can get to you in a few days. Also, Max keyboards has a pretty good selection, but a little pricier than Ebay or Amazon.
Seems fine to me. If they are actually "warm white" they shouldn't be that yellow though. Not sure if they saturated the pics, or just didn't know what color to call it. Post pics when it's done :)
Sep 30, 2016
Will do! Thanks for the help.