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A Glorious Standing Stop!

I was just spinning my Vorso Mk1(stainless steel bearing) and it came to a complete stop without falling. It's insane how well balanced these things are. What a marvel!
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Thats awesome! I need to check these out sooner than later.
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YEAH TOTALLY! I haven't stopped spinning them yet because I'm a pre-pubescent shrimp and I've never had a girlfriend, but I'll let you know once I develop and mature!
Hoping I live half that long!
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Inception really ended.
Load 2 more comments that you mention it--maybe I was dreaming!
I doubt it, the thing that really gave Inception away as fiction was how the forever spin spun for more than 10 seconds
I've only heard of this working with the stainless steel bearings as they can develop flat spots(too small for the eye to see). I have some ruby bearings and lots of tungsten bearings and have never had this happen. Pretty rad though
There are no imperfections guys, I'm just that good at spinning . . .
Both of mine do this and I posted a video to u-tube of it spinning to a standing stop. Many others have as well.
Doesn't this mean you're still in the dream?
The dream thing only works with a foreverspin top.😵
I've seen it done before and I really want my top to do that.. one morning I walked by the table my top was on and I heard it fall over but I don't remember spinning it that morning. However i do remember spinning before i fell asleel.. But, I didn't catch it.. I couldn't take a picture. Recently, all it does is fall over with very little to no spin so I think it's getting there...
Does this top have a wobble at all? My lambda top has a stainless steel ("SS") bearing, and the maker said the coming to a complete stop standing on the bearing (which my lambda does) could be due to a microscopic flat spot since SS is typically softer than ceramic or tungsten carbide bearings.
I don't get it. What is fascinating about tops?
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It's funny. I had the same confusion about flashlights. I mean, they are friggin flashlights, for pete's sake. Now, I am hooked on flashlights. Have gotten more than I care to admit, but the all copper drop with crazy lumens got me hooked. I am now waiting for damn near deliveries a couple times a week. Some from here, some from Amazon, Banggood....on and on. lol
This is how I feel about keyboards. Didn't get it at first, now I'm addicted.
I've never seen anything like this. Is there an imperfection on the spin station? A magnet nearby? The spring equinox is still months away...
Ha! Yes, this can be indicative of a worn bearing or pitted spin surface. My BilletSPIN Infinity has started to stop standing quite often now on my cheap make-up mirror.
Love BilletSpin. Love the infinity. Rich does such good work.