Digital audio player for Bose SoundTrue

I have two pairs of headphones I use - one is Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE (in-ear), and the second is Bose SoundTrue (around ear). Most of my audio file are flac fies at 16bit, and right now I either use my phone or a simple mp3 player to listen to them.
I'd like to upgrade the audio quality by buying a digital audio player, around 200 - 300$. I was looking around the web for recommended players at that price range and the two that sticked out are the Fiio X5 2nd generation, or the iBasso DX80.
I'd like to know if they're worth their price (considering my headphones which I don't intend to upgrade soon), and maybe if there are other good options that maybe we can get a Massdrop for :)
Thanks in advance!


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