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Best budget overeoverear headphones

Newbie here! I do know that investing in a really really good set would be worth everything but atm I am in university and in need of a daily overears that'll help with my study sessions. I suppose somewhere under $110 is what I am looking for so yeah

Too bad you missed out on the HE-350 that were featured months ago. They are excellent sub $110 headphones although they are prone to clipping on some songs that I've tested them on. The audio-technica A700X or AD700X (if you want open back) are also great for the price and around the $110 price range. If you want good sounding bluetooth headphones for a little more than $110 then the 1MORE MK802 are very pleasing and are pretty new on the market and have a Bass level selector on the headphone, kind of like the Sennheiser HD 630VB or the Skullcandy Crushers. The Skullcandy Aviator is another sub $100 pair that are highly HIGHLY under rated. http://tinyurl.com/z5d2h7t The clarity of these are incredible. Those were my first pair of headphones and are still one of my favorite pairs that I own. My profile pic is just some of the many that I currently own.
That is indeed quite a shame. I shall look into these with great detail. Thank you for the reccomendations!
For just a little more, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Black would be a good choice for closed back headphones. They also have a "Custom Sound Slider to change the sound anytime (closed, semi open, open design)", ie. more or less bass so you can get the sound that's best suited to your tastes! Hardly can go wrong. Reputable brand also.
Sounds interesting! I shall keep that in mind
I would suggest AKG553 or akg240
I shall keep these recommendations in mind!
Best to ignore the random hate on the ATH-M50 series. It is simply more mainstream than other cans, but they are popular for a reason not just 'hype'. Good bass and sound-sealing. Lot of third party earpad replacements. While I do enjoy Z Reviews in general, he has an abnormal hatred toward the ATH-M50.
You can find the older M50S (straight cable, non-detachable; M50x are detachable cable version) for less than $100, putting them well within your budget.
Oh that's sweet. And the M50S is around that price range :o
I would like to oppose the M50x recommendation! I own a pair of M50s... and let me tell you.... the M40s are so much better! And not only are the m40s much better... they are MUCH cheaper. The m50s are overhyped... overpriced. They just get too much credit overall... and actually begins to question on how many of these "reviewers" actually know about audio. Don't trust me? Then trust a very trusted reviewer within the audiophile community!(linking video) He also gave the m50s 2 reviews because people wouldn't stop bitching... don't go for the stupid and more expensive option go for the m40s! Be sure to pick these baby's up soon since they are on sale! 79.95$ on amazon!

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I'll be using it for commuting to university and when I have study session in the library so closed back should be what I am looking for.
Alright I do hope I helped! Happy listening dude!
I do agree that the Ath-M50Xs are a very sexy pair of headphones and with the brains to boot. I shall keep that in mind and thank you for the reccomendation!
Audio technica ath-m50x are the go to for most people, they sound great for music and games, there closed back so there's no sound leakage, and they fold down well for travel. Overall its the best headphone for its price and around this time of the year we will start to see a lot of sales going on, so keep an eye out and rock on!
I've given it a look and I think they're cool. Thanks for the suggestions