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Looking for new ear pads for Audio-Technica M50s

Stock ear pads are really worn out after about 2 years of usage, so I would like to find a replacement for a reasonable price. I will appreciate your help!

Try audiophile headset this time.
I'm an M50x owner and I replaced my pads with the HM5 pleather/hybrid/angled pleather. Since your pads have "gone bad", I recommend the HM5 pleather with the fabric from your original pads behind them. Just cut them up and throw the bad pads away.
Bought the velour earpads from massdrop. They are very comfortable after a little bit of time wearing them. Worth the money
For $12 on Amazon, Shure HPAEC840, which I am currently using, very comfy, but the bass does sound a bit different
I've tried Brainwaves pads, also very comfy, but the sound sig sounded really wierd (as in echo chamber like).
Every few months, Massdrops the ATH-M50x Velour Earpads, also very comfy. but I think also wierds out the sound sig a bit.
I have stock pads pulled off my M40x that I do not use. They are in like-new condition. You can have them for the price of shipping. Unfortunately, Massdrop does not yet support PMs, but you can PM me on Geekhack if you are interested. Same username.
Don't mean to be rude... but Audio Technica's ear pads are pretty shitty overall.
I can recommend the Brainwavz HM5 ear pads... and they are a few cents cheaper.... more durable and more comfy.... and they fit all ATH series. trust me on this

I was actually thinking about those ones. I saw a poll on them on massdrop, do you think it could be worth waiting for it to appear here or would it take too much time?
that is a tricky question... some things appear quickly and some don't. so I think it would just be a matter how quickly you want them. Though I think they might not appear at all personally... they are probably more likely to drop the actual Brainwavz HM5 cans before they drop just the ear pads.
25USD I have used them before and can recommend them they lasted me until I stopped using those headphones
okay thank you a lot