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PCB for HHKB-like board with detailed bottom row

I wonder if HHKB users (actually I should use"boards with Ctrl at Capslock position users" instead) want a more detailed bottom row.
Here is what I come up with:
Layout A: this is what I prefer

Layout B: for those who want dedicated arrow keys.
Layout AB: dedicated arrow keys for those who use right hand to smash spacebar (swap spacebar and right shift)
you may ask:
+ why HHKB? some of you may know about the Ctrl at Capslock position (at home row), I tried this and I can't go back. I also found out that if Capslock at position of Ctrl, sometimes I will accidentally press it while pressing Ctrl + Shift (with the pinky finger) though I'm not in favor of the Backspace right on top of Enter, sometimes I press Enter instead of Backspace, maybe I'm not that used to it (I don't have a HHKB) 
+ why Home, End, Page Up,... everything is on the left side, are you a lefty? I'm not, though I'm trying to use two hands equally. Also when you're playing game, your right hand will operate the mouse, yeah?
+ there are two arrow clusters? Yes, another thing related to gaming: the cluster on the left is to move/pan the camera, you don't want to move your left hand to the arrows on the right, right? your right hand is with the mouse.
+ your right shift... yes, I feel that the current right shift is not that useful, you will have to move your hand away from the home keys. I do have a prototype board with shift at that position, though it's not as effective as I thought, my right thumb is useless   
+ there are numpad keys? yes, I figured that someone would want to use them, for input numbers or use "key strokes" (ex. in Window: Alt + Num 0174 = ®) though I put the numpad 5 at the same position as "J" key, but it's not as effective as I thought, maybe these numpad keys need to be printed :(
+ what is "flip" key? It should "flip" layer of ESC key: - off: ESC, ` ~ (I think you will want dedicated ESC when gaming) - on: ` ~, ESC (for typing, you will want dedicated ` ~, right?)
and Fn + Flip: flip layer of "numpad keys" (this should be Fn + Shift + / on layout B & AB) - off: r t y u i, - + 7 8 9 - on: - + 7 8 9, r t y u i
Please tell me what you think.
Thank you for reading.

Oct 14, 2016
I've always wanted the HHKB, but it's so damn expensive. This layout with cherry/gateron switches would be amazing...
Oct 28, 2016
VinceTangcertainly! I just found someone who would help me with this, hope we can make this happen. :D
love split spacebar. glad people are designing more boards with them now
Oct 14, 2016
AlexPkTotally agree, going to join for the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard this weekend.
I had a very pleasing talk yesterday, nice guys, helpfull and very fast in answering questions. The moment i heard about the possibility to get a DIY-Kit without switches or with switches unsoldered i had been lost.
Oct 14, 2016
AlexPkWould totally love to buy one of the AB . And yes I would swap space and shift ;) add 4 PIN LEDs, Purple zelios with thick pbt dyesubs and a nice low Profile aluminium case and Viola. Best Keyboard ever.
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