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Do these need to be used with an AMP?


Jan 22, 2021
These headphones are capable of being driven to "acceptable" levels directly from most cell phones or laptops etc.. However if you're someone who typically desires more volume I'd recommend an amp with an output of 1.5 volts rms or greater output at 10 ohms impedance.
Mar 17, 2021
What do you want in an amp? Portability? Balanced operation? Tubes? Price range? Knowing nothing else I'm a big fan of Schiit Audio. They have a good selection for a range of prices and do a good job explaining the features. I'd love to recommend one here, but with a rotating selection it makes it tough unless I know what you're looking for. As far as a DAC goes, many headphone amps have one integrated. You would only need to purchase one if the amp you chose doesn't have one and you want to listen to digital audio. As for the difference, an amplifier increases volume of an analog signal. A DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) converts a digital signal like USB or optical to a line level input for an amp to well... amplify. DACs usually have RCA jacks or balanced output jacks wheras amps will have a headphone jack, balanced audio, or speaker outputs.
Apr 23, 2021
FPSmaniac152I would say definitely. At least, you need a Dac that has a more powerful amp than a typical built-in. Connected directly to my PC, they sound AWFUL. Connected to an inexpensive DAC/AMP like the FiiO Q1 MKII, it gets so much more full and dynamic. These are Planar Magnetic drivers, which even though they are rated at lower OHMs, require a lot more power to drive than a lot of other types of drivers.
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