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Can you pair these with multiple devices?


Jan 23, 2021
Yes. . You absolutely can. I have them hooked up via Bluetooth to my iPhone, iPad and RokuSmartTv ... it’s seamless. If I’m using my iPad and my phone rings it will automatically pic up the call from the phone and turn off the music on the iPad. They are all hooked up at the same time. I can type a message via email on my iPad and stop to answer a text on my phone at almost sumultaneously and can hear the typing noise thru the headphones on each device. Hope this helps. Boomer🎗
Jul 4, 2021
iAmBoomerStrongFor some reason I can't pair my Samsung Galaxy phone and TV at the same time. Why is that? Firmware is updated .... as a matter of fact I can't connect any 2 devices at the same time.
Aug 19, 2021
Shaiy007To pair a device, you have to turn on the headphones in pairing mode. When you do this and successfully pair, it will pair to just that one device. To switch to multi-device mode, you have to turn the headphones off and on again. The device supposedly remembers up to 6 paired devices and will automatically grab the first two that are on. So if you have paired three different devices, you have to make sure that you are within range of only the two you want or temporarily only have Bluetooth on on the two devices you want it to match to. Once the headphones are attached to two devices, each device that is connected should show that it is connected to the headphones and you should be able to select it as an output audio sink on that device. However, the headphones do not support mixing. If any device enters handsfree audio mode (using the mic), you will only hear the audio sent by the device over handsfree audio mode (older versions of Windows might continue playing audio on the normal channel but only have the voice call go over handsfree mode, modern version of Windows and Mac OS will automatically switch all audio playback to go through handsfree when you are using the mic but you will notice degraded audio quality (but it is supposed to be less latent)). If handsfree is not in use, then one of the two connected devices will be selected as the audio playback device. If a device plays audio, including silence, it grabs the device and will be the only device playing audio on the headphones. The other device may think it is playing audio to the headphones, but the headphones will ignore it. To switch, make sure to pause all music on the one device and then the other device will automatically be switched to by the headphones. On a PC this might be hard, as sometimes this might mean making sure even sort-of-muted videos playing in browser tabs are fully stopped/closed, though on phones this is normally easy.
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