Help! My ALT Keeps Resetting (among other issues...)

I recently got into the hobby and finally got a Drop-Alt! But, some things have popped up that have been less than ideal. First: whenever my computer is turned on, the Alt’s color function settings go back to the default scrolling rainbow LEDS- it’s only a little tedious to keep having to go back to the LEDs I want, but for a $200 keyboard, this shouldn’t happen right? I’ve noticed the red restart light comes on on the keyboard’s edgelight. Maybe I'm dumb and every mech keyboard does this? Second: The ctrl key does not work- I’ve remapped it in place of the “windows” key, but combined with the first issue I’m worried that there might be something wrong with the circuitry. I’ve tried seeing if the switch’s pegs got bent somehow but the switch puller included with the ALT (while pretty) does not work- the angle is just too steep. Has anyone else had these problems? I was really excited to get this keyboard but even these minor issues are pretty major to me considering the price- especially if I risk keeping it and it gets worse.

There is no onboard memory for certain things. So the LED resets. Make sure you depress the tabs that latches on the bottom housing of the switch when trying to remove. The latches grab onto the plate. Pull straight up. Check if the hotswap socket is okay.